FI KVA-J & FI JVA Allt Om Förbjuden Kärlek

Britta Bus

Britta is the sole survivour of Bonny’s & Lego’s litter.

Britta was saved and raised by her lagotto mum Britty, so Britta is named after her.

This dog is one super tracker. She has done over 50 trackings for both authorities and hunters. Some of trackings has been extremly long.

Britta is also a food thief beyond belief.

Britta's results:

Eyes: healthy
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Knees: 0/0

Blood tracking trial for hunting dogs: Champion FI JVA
Tracking test for elk hounds: HIRV-J 1
Injured elk tracking: VAHI 1
Character test: 110 points
Show: VG1