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   Aug 01

FIN JVA Flying Dogsman Ambitious Bonfire


Bonny Bus left us for the eternal hunting grounds in October 2014.
We miss her like crazy.

Bonny Bus was always in a good mood and always ready to work. She had got a great nose (2nd place SNJ:n Vuoden Jäljestämisnoutaja 2006) and knew nothing better than to go hunting or tracking.  Bonny wa used as a SRVA-dog (suurriistavirka-apu).

Bonny had one litter  (F1-pentue) with N JCH FTW ARTHUR OF AMESBURY (sire: GB CH FTW Varingo Richboy dame:Enchantress of Elsinore). She had a second litter with Coatfloats Hugo Boss Element (sire: Bjugel’s Pearl Ocean Strike – Coatfloats Chanel).

Health hips:A/A, elbows:0/0, knees:0/0, eyes:clear
Show 1 x BOB, 1 X CC, 1 X BOB-puppy
Field trail WT: BCL1(3rd place), B-trail: BCL3
Bloodtrack champion, 23 WCL1-results
Obedience BCL2