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flatcoated retrievers for an active lifestyle

   Aug 01

FI KVA-J & FI JVA Allt Om Förbjuden Kärlek



Britta Bus is the the wild child of Bonny and Lego. She is very precious to us since she is the sole surviver of that litter. What the future holds for her will be seen. But the aim is to attend field trails (B-trails and WT), obedience and blood track .

Britta wan the flatcoated blood track championship in openclass 2013 only 15 months old.

She made bloodtrack champion within 6 tests (1,1,2,1,1,1). Britta is the 1st and only flatcoated to ever make KVA-J (käyttövalio hirvenjälki).

Britta is used as a SRVA-dog

hips:A/A, elbows:0/0, knees:0/0
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Field trail
Bloodtrack  Champion, Hirvipää 2013